Issue #1 contents

Modern Slavery contents

Number 1 / Spring-Summer 2012












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An Introduction to Modern Slavery by Jason McQuinn  p.6

John Brown’s Body: 150 years is a long time to moulder by Paul Z. Simons  p.11

Notes on Abolitionism & Anarchism by François Gardyn  p.15

A Plea for Captain John Brown by Henry David Thoreau  p.27

Mutual Acquiescence or Mutual Aid? by Ron Sakolsky  p.41

The Situationists and Beyond: Introduction to The Old World is Behind You by Karen Goaman  p.52

Oppositional Currents and the Art of Anthropology: Chapter 1 of The Old World is Behind You by Karen Goaman  p.59

Introduction to Strangers in an Alien World by Wolfi Landstreicher  p.85

Living in an Alien World: Chapter 1 of Strangers in an Alien World by Wolfi Landstreicher  p.86

Hunting Seasons: Fiction by Lang Gore  p.95

Beautiful Losers: The Historiography of the IWW by Bob Black  p.104

Direct Action by Voltairine de Cleyre  p.141

Mutual Utilization: Relationship and Revolt in Max Stirner by Massimo Passamani  p.151

Clarifying the Unique and Its Self-Creation by Jason McQuinn  p.158

Anarchist Individualism as Life and Activity by E. Armand  p.180



EDITORIAL: The Archimedean Point? Self-Activity by Jason McQuinn  p.2

MODERN SLAVERY Notes: New Journal on the Planet! by Jason McQuinn  p.4

PUBLICATION NOTES by Jason McQuinn  p.183

PERIODICAL REVIEWS: i reviewed by Jason McQuinn  p.184

REVIEWS: Max Stirner’s Dialectical Egoism reviewed by Wolfi Landstreicher  p.186

Twilight of the Machines reviewed by Jason McQuinn  p.192

Nihilist Communism reviewed by Jason McQuinn  p.195

Begin at Startreviewed by Wolfi Landstreicher  p.197



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