Modern Slavery is seeking submissions!

Modern Slavery is wide open to intelligent, creative and audacious new contributors, collaborators and conspirators!

No exclusive clubs here. But the watchwords are quality, intelligibility and critique. If you’re a beginner please make some effort learning your craft (especially writers) and get some experience working with smaller publications if possible. But even experienced and successful contributors to other projects, please pay even more attention to writing for clarity and understandability. All of us can stand to improve on this! Strive to shorten sentences, avoid unnecessarily arcane & complex words. And never settle for ideological formulae or clichés when you can better convey a thought in your own words. (That said, we prefer to keep our own editing of accepted submissions to a minimum, so don’t worry about heavy hands here. We edit primarily for grammar, spelling and eliminating unnecessary words, and try to always present these as suggestions and not requirements.)

If you would like to contribute please share your reviews, art, fiction or essays with us by mail or e-mail. For longer pieces or works outside our central editorial mission, it makes sense to query first. Remember that this is an anti-ideological, libertarian journal for the abolition of all forms of enslavement. MS editors are especially looking for material that conveys the personality and creativity of authors, as well as their desires to collaborating with others in this subversive project. Our foremost interest will always be our common situations here and now, but we also remain extremely interested in the historical (practical and theoretical) paths that have led us to our present predicament. This means that we are seeking critical perspectives on the entirety of history, radical theory and practices, and all obstacles to the abolition of slavery.

If you would like to participate in the editing, production, distribution, web design, or other aspects of this project please contact us and let us know your knowledge, skills and experience in these areas, as well as the extent of your interests. (Of special interest to us right now is adding pdf views of sample issues and books to this web site. If you have any expertise in this area please get in touch! We could also use some advice from any experts in WordPress out there.)

Last, and most importantly, the MS project is not an end in itself. The goal really is the abolition of all forms of modern slavery! So the most important contributions everyone can make will be those in their own lives in coordination with others to change our lives and world.

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