Web Links

Some of our favorite links!

Periodicals & Publishing

CAL Press – Publisher of Modern Slavery, Anarchy magazine & CAL Press books

Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed – the long-running anarchist magazine published by CAL Press!

Alternative Press Review – formerly sister magazine to Anarchy: AJODA above (originally published by CAL Press), with a more popularly-oriented libertarian approach centering on cultural critique and alternative media, especially zines! (Unfortunately, the APR web site has disappeared, so we’ll be incorporating Alternative Press Review material into our CALPress web site in the future.)

Vagabond Theory – Vagabond Editions web site

Return Fire – A journal of “Anti-Authority, Daily Revolt, Individual Will & De-Civilization”

Internet News

Anarchist News – news for anarchists from out of the west coast

Infoshop.org – news for anarchists from out of the midwest

Submedia TV -Web TV news and views for anarchists

Art & Culture

James Koehnline Artwork – Amazing art from a long-time CAL Press contributor

Critical Texts

Is Sustainable Agriculture an Oxymoron? by Toby Hemenway

Media Critique

The Propaganda Multiplier – A critical discussion of the central role of global news agencies in the creation and transmisison of media propaganda worldwide by Swiss Policy Research. And there’s a lot more available on the SPR web site from Media and Propaganda studies, to Geopolitical studies, to very important critical information on the COVID-19 crisis.