Web Links

Some of our favorite links!


Periodicals & Publishing

CAL Press – Publisher of Modern Slavery, Anarchy magazine & CAL Press books

Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed – the long-running anarchist magazine published by CAL Press!

Alternative Press Review – formerly sister magazine to Anarchy: AJODA above (originally published by CAL Press), with a more popularly-oriented libertarian approach centering on cultural critique and alternative media, especially zines!

Vagabond Theory – Vagabond Editions web site

La Mauvaise Herbe – French-language ecological/anti-civilization zine from Montreal

Return Fire – A journal of “Anti-Authority, Daily Revolt, Individual Will & De-Civilization”


Internet News

Anarchist News – news for anarchists from out of the west coast

Infoshop.org – news for anarchists from out of the midwest

Submedia TV -Web TV news and views for anarchists


Art & Culture

James Koehnline Artwork – Amazing art from a long-time CAL Press contributor

da Visionary Report – Blog of Modern Slavery contributing artist Chuck Dodson


Critical Texts

Is Sustainable Agriculture an Oxymoron? by Toby Hemenway