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    1. Thanks for asking. We’re hoping to get some form of on-line payment set up soon. However, since we have no experience at this I can’t guarantee how long it will take. Please give us at least a week or two and check back!

  1. Any news on what other books will be available (and part of the free book for year subscription deal)? I already have the two mentioned above. The new Bob Black collection would be a great sweetner!

  2. Have a look at the website I’ve been building these last years. I’ve made and published a new Dutch translation of ‘The Unique’ and really liked McQuinn’s introduction to Stirner’s Critics. I recently found an editor to re-publish my new translation and would love to include Stirner’s Critics and The Philosophical Reactionaries if possible with a translation of McQuinn’s introduction. Please contact me through

    Warm greetings


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