Issue #2 contents

Modern Slavery #2

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Modern Slavery

Number 2 / Fall-Winter 2012-13



An Introduction to Modern Slavery: Part 2 by Jason McQuinn p.8

Curtains of Blood: A Peek behind the Phenomena of the Grand Guignol               by Paul Z. Simons  p.11

Raoul Vaneigem: The Other Situationist by Jason McQuinn  p.25

A Surreal Interview with an Anarchist: Ron Sakolsky  p.34

Anarchy in the UK: Anarchistic Currents: Chapter 2 of The Old World is Behind You by Karen Goaman p.62

The Greatness of my Hostility: Chapter 2 of Strangers in an Alien World by Wolfi Landstreicher p.89

Necropolis, Chapter 1 by Bruno Massé p.102

Slavery & Slack: Part 1 – Slavery by J.T. Winogrond  p.110

Anarchy on the Market? A Review Essay on Kevin Carson’s Notes on Mutualist Political Economy by Wolfi Landstreicher p.170



EDITORIAL: Ideology and Libertarian Theory by Jason McQuinn

MODERN SLAVERY Notes: What happened to the Anarchist Press? by Jason McQuinn

PERIODICAL REVIEWS: Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education and Society – reviewed by Jason McQuinn p.185


History of Reaction by Max Stirner – reviewed by Lawrence Stepelevich p.189

American Uprising: The Untold Story of America’s Largest Slave Revolt by Daniel Rasmussen – reviewed by Paul Z. Simons p.194

PUBLICATION NOTES: Adbusters & Alternatives to EMS by JM p.200



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