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About the Modern Slavery project

Modern Slaveryis an independent, not-for-profit project of C.A.L. Press. We sell no advertising, have no paid editorial or production staff, and finance the journal and web site entirely through donations, newsstand sales and subscriptions.

Modern Slavery journal

Our goal is to publish the Modern Slavery journal twice a year as an oversize, roughly 200-page, perfect-bound book. The first issue is 204 pages, published in a print run of 2,000 copies. The journal is edited by Jason McQuinn and Paul Z. Simons, with the help of a handful of friends. The journal is anticopyright and may be reprinted at will for non-profit purposes, except in the case of individual articles, graphic art and other contributions copyrighted by their creators or previous publishers. The MS Project is looking for a few qualified and committed collaborators. If you think you can help out please get in touch. We can probably accomplish a lot more together!

Modern Slavery web site

We intend to update this web site at least weekly, adding new material from the journal, as well as new material from our friends, comrades and other sources as often as we can. In addition, we will also be updating and redesigning the other CAL web sites:

  • www.calpress.org
  • www.greatlibertarians.org
  • www.anarchymag.net

CAL Press book project

We also intend to resume publishing books under the CAL Press name. We have a small backlog of titles which at this point mainly await enough financial backing to get them printed. These include:

  • Post-Left Anarchy
  • Nightmares of Reason
  • The Old World is behind You

We would consider co-publishing these and other titles with any libertarian projects that might be interested in working with us.

The Critical Self-Theory project

For too long libertarian/anarchist theory and practice has lacked self-consciousness as the collection and culmination of all of the individual, autonomously developed, critical self-theories and self-critical practices of those who refuse to tolerate any and all forms of enslavement. This has allowed far too many narrowly self-styled “libertarians” and “anarchists” to wallow in the naive belief that their own fetishized thoughts and activities ought to be considered the only “correct” and “true” forms of liberty or anarchy, even when they aim to reproduce systems of forced labor, ideological regulation or institutionalized domination. In order to bring a quick end to the continuing ideological confusion within the libertarian and anarchist milieu, the Critical Self-Theory project is a proposal for the conscious creation of an entirely open and autonomous domain of shared critical self-theory. That is critical, non-ideological or anti-ideological self-theory which claims no transcendent justifications, only its immediate, here and now justification as communication between unique people who want to work and play with each other to create a far more exciting, interesting, creative and passionate world of voluntary cooperation, mutual aid and the liberation of desire.

Fugitive Slave

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