Issue #4 Contents

Modern Slavery

Number 4 / Fall/Winter 2022

UPDATE: After even more changes and unexpected difficulties over the last 3 years (including the untimely death of co-editor Paul Z. Simons) Modern Slavery #4 is still in the process of being reorganized and laid out. It should be showing up in mailboxes and newsstands before the end of the year. We are currently reworking our distribution plans to make the journal less of newsstand periodical and more of a subscription & direct sales/web sales journal so that we can make it more economically viable in the current libertarian / anarchist publishing climate.

In other news, due to big changes in the production collective for the magazine Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed, it will from now on be published each Spring and Fall by the same production collective as Modern Slavery, which in turn will be published each winter. We are currently working on getting issue #78 of AJODA completed as we also finish up work on MS #4 to get it out the door ASAP.


I’ll post a listing of the full table of contents once they’re finalized and we’re closer to press time! But here is a tentative listing during production. I don’t necessarily expect everything here to fit — and there are other possibilities also being considered, but I’ll be trying really hard to fit as much as possible! I expect this to be the best issue yet.



An Introduction to Modern Slavery: Part 4 by Jason McQuinn

Critical Self-Theory in Practice by Jason McQuinn

On Anarchist Responses To Mandela’s Death by Siddiq Khan

John Zerzan Primtivo: Questioning John Zerzan an interview by Jason McQuinn

     The Catastrophe of Postmodernism
         Future Primitive
     Excerpts from The Nihilist's Dictionary

Some Hegelian Reflections on Slavery by Lawrence Stepelevich

Chapter 4 of The Old World is Behind You by Karen Goaman

Chapter 4 of Strangers in an Alien World by Wolfi Landstreicher

An Interview with Hakim Bey by Paul Simons

The Right to Idleness and Individual Reappropriation by Brand (translated by Wolfi Landstreicher)

     Down with Civilization by Enrico Arrigoni aka Frank Brand
     (translated by Wolfi Landstreicher)
         Brand: An Italian Anarchist and His Dream by Peter Lamborn Wilson

The Shadow People: a story by Paul Z. Simons



EDITORIAL: Slave Culture by Jason McQuinn

MODERN SLAVERY Notes: No more fun & games? by Jason McQuinn





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