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“A shot over the bow….”

It’s not that I’ve been bereft of ideas. One thing I try not to do is sit about the house watching movies, eating anything, and basically being four blockheads at once. Rather my curiosity has been drawn in a number of different directions, the ebb and flow of street based actions, the ennui of empire imploding, the gentle crumbling of the assumptions. From very small institutions like the Mormon church (which I fled at 19) to the stomp of millions of feet down the Champs-Elysee. Crisis, collapse, and calumny seems a fitting chorus to the Song of Capital and Nation-State. I would ask, Where to start, but a more accurate inquiry would be,”Where to finish?”

So, consider this sliver of verbiage a shot over the bow, a stab in the dark, a baby-step, a New Years Irresolution. One blog entry a month for 2015, and not like this one, but with the firmness, the clarity of cold, stiff, jell-o. See ya soon.


  1. Sid Clark says:

    Eureka! I have lost it! I’m the world’s first self-unmade man.

    Anybody got any recommendations for sending my nihilist-schizoid pamphlet, “Here, Have a Turd” AKA “Anti-Civ Dictums”? I’ve sent over 150 copies to zine distros and infoshops, mostly in the US and gotten zippo for response. I’m going to try more artistic/transgressive outlets now, such as Staalplaat in Berlin. Thanks.

    The first edition of my pamphlet got an OK review in the first issue of “Modern Slavery”, by the way, but I never got any orders or inquiries from readers of “Modern Slavery”.

  2. Ron says:

    “Where to finish?” is a good question. The process of revolution will be long, but once it starts, wherever it starts, it will likely spread, taking many forms in many places. What is being brewed up and attempted in many places, may be avoided in others. It may be that once the liberty bug catches on, there is no finish, just a new world of liberty that lives and grows.